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"Honey! Look!"

You glanced over your shoulder to see your boyfriend Mituna holding up a sloppy drawing of a bumblebee. Had you not known about his condition you would have thought that his art was incredibly mediocre and messy, like a drawing from a toddler. However, you knew better than that and could see a true masterpiece when it was practically shoved in your face. He must have spent at least a good hour on it, trying his best to hold his hand steady.

You smiled widely, "That's really good, Tuna! You have gotten really good at drawing! Pretty soon you'll pass me up and I'll go out of business."

Tuna frowned, "Then I'll th-thtop."

You rolled your eyes, "I was exaggerating, Tuna. Your drawings are wonderful, so don't stop."

Tuna smiled again, "Oh, okay!"

"Mituna!" your little toddler niece ran up to Mituna and grabbed his hand. "Come back and draw, please!"

Mituna nodded and was quickly dragged out of the kitchen. You giggled with a smile and returned to stirring the dough you were making for cookies. Your older sister looked up from cutting out shapes from the dough you had previously made, and smiled at you.

"I think she likes him," she said with a laugh.

You smirked, "Well, he's mine, so she better stay away."

Your sister looked up at you with another smile, "You know, she always looks forward to visiting you two, mainly to spend time with Mituna."

"Well, they both have the thinking capacity of a toddler, so that's understandable," you said simply. "The only thing I've ever had to warn him about is making dirty jokes around her, but he never does so I don't worry about it. He loves spending time with her too, he's surprisingly good with kids!"

Your sister nodded, "He really is."

"Unless he's in a bad mood," you added with a sigh. "Then he's not good with anybody."

You floured the table the two of you were working at, and began to dump the dough contents out of the bowl it was mixed in. As you spread it out your sister spoke quietly, with a small frown on her face.

"How do you put up with him?"

You faltered, processing her words, and then continued working, "What do you mean?"

"I mean he's absolutely insane, no offense, and I honestly don't know how you put up with it all!" she said in hushed tone. "I mean one second he's all cute and lovey, and the next he's trying to bash his head into a wall! He can't think properly, and half of the time I can't even understand what he's saying! It wears me out to be around him for a day, let alone all of the time like you!"

You tried very hard not to get upset at your sisters words. She was not being rude, and she certainly did not have anything against Mituna. You knew she loved him, but she just could not wrap her mind around how you put up with him every day. It was something that not many of the people you knew understood, and honestly you were slightly proud of your sister for having the courage to even ask you. Most wondered, but they never said anything. You took in a deep breath and sighed, mentally preparing yourself for a long explanation that could not nearly explain everything.

"I love him," you said simply. "He's everything I could ever ask for. If I judged him by only his flaws, then how could I ever deserve to be in love anyway?"

Your sister watched you as you sat down and began rolling out the dough while speaking.

"Mituna isn't that bad once you're used to living with him," you said gently. "Out of the three years we've lived together there's only been a handful of times he got out of control. Even then, it usually wasn't even his fault, it was something that someone said. He's extremely sensitive, and that is both a good and bad thing. It makes him vulnerable to everything anyone ever says, and he always takes people too seriously. That's why I'm so dramatic when I'm joking or being sarcastic, because he can't tell the difference if I'm too subtle. I could say something silly, like 'you're stupid', and he would run off crying his eyes out."

"So that's why you never tease him," your sister pointed out.

You nodded, "It's easier not to. Most of the time his sensitivity is wonderful, though. He's always so sweet, and so kind, and he's ten times more genuine than any average guy out there roaming the streets. He's never lied to me, well except for when he sneaks cookies, and he's always complimenting me. He constantly tells me that he loves me, and if I don't kiss him at least twenty times a day he starts moping. He also loves it whenever I forget to shave, and he says it's because they're fuzzy like bumblebee legs."

Your sister was laughing at this point, pausing in her cookie-cutting.

"He's everything in a man I'd ever want," you said with a dreamy smile. "Plus, he's actually really good-looking when he's not wearing his helmet."

"I wouldn't know," your sister commented.

You eyed her suspiciously, "That's the idea. I only ever let him take it off when we're alone, I don't want girls swooning over him. He's mine. That and he's constantly tripping over things and hitting his head, so it wouldn't be smart to let him take it off without my supervision. He does it anyway, and it gives me a heart-attack every time, but still."

Your sister smirked, and continued cutting.

"All that aside, when it comes to taking care of him," you paused, your sister glancing at you curiously. "It can be tiring."

"So, it's a burden?" she asked.

"No, it's commitment," you said. "He gives me all of his love and devotion, and I take care of him. He's always had a special place in my heart, even when I didn't feel anything romantic towards him. Love is more than just romantic feelings, it's when you're willing to always be there for someone, to take care of them, and to always forgive them. There have been plenty of times that I've wanted to give up because Mituna was having a bad mood swing, but I couldn't do that even if I really wanted to."

You frowned and turned to your sister, "I don't really know how else to put it. I guess you just have to remember that he wasn't always like this, and that he actually had a properly functioning brain once too. Believe it or not, he's no actually as crazy as you think. He can think really well, it's just that he forgets things easily, and that he can't speak well enough to explain himself. You should see some of the poems he's written, or maybe let me read them for you since his handwriting is horrible."

Your sister smiled, "I think I get it now. I suppose it would be the same way I'd behave if my husband ever got into an accident and needed to be taken care of. Out of curiosity though, since I never actually asked, why are you two living together? I mean, neither of you do anything 'naughty' so why not just let his brother and father continue caring for him, and you just visit?"

"Sollux has better things to do with his life than have to be stuck helping his brother, and his father is always so busy," you said simply. "Besides, I was practically taking care of him when he was still living with his family anyway, and we were always having sleep overs. Nothing's really changed. If taking care of him meant checking up on him every once in a while I wouldn't worry about it, but he really can't do very much on his own. He'll have random burst of amnesia and forget the simplest things, like how to unzip clothes, honestly, we might as well be married. I should bring it up at some point, just to see his reaction! I'm also fairly certain that he would never bathe if I weren't around to tell him to."

Your sister smiled, "His dandruff would get so out of control, I can see it in the headlines now."

You laughed, "His dandruff is horrible, you have no idea. Sometimes I really do wonder if he's some weird spawn-child of a human and an actual bee, it's almost like he is pollinating everything with his head."

Your sister laughed, "That's disgusting!"

You grinned, "Well it's the truth!"

The two of you continued to cut out cookies, giggling every now and then as you heard your niece order Mituna around in the other room. Someday, you wondered if the two of you would ever get married and have kids of your own. He was absolutely amazing with little kids, but at the same time you didn't know how he'd handle it if the kid was stuck with you for eighteen years.

You jumped as a pair of arms encircled your shoulders, and you felt a chin on the top of your head.

"Hello, Tuna," you said with a smile. "You scared me!"

He frowned, "Thorry. A-and thooth, I'm hiding. Are the c-cookieth done y-yet?"

You turned to him and gave him a pointed look, "Mituna, do these cookies look done to you?"

Mituna burst out into a fit of snorts and giggled, holding his stomach as he rocked on his heels. As he began to laugh a little harder, he rocked backwards on his heel a little too far and fell to the ground, hitting his head on a countertop as he did so. Luckily he was still wearing his helmet, but you immediately shot up from your seat and were at his side in an instant.

"Mituna! Are you alright?" you asked worriedly, grabbing one of his arms tightly and placing your other hand on his cheek.

Mituna was silent for a moment, but you could still hear his slightly uneven breathing. He began to open and shut his mouth slowly, no sounds coming out. Your sister ran up to the both of you and bent down, her eyes wide with worry and fear.

"Is he okay?" she asked.

You held your finger up to silence her, watching Mituna carefully for any signs on consciousness. Mituna could easily lose consciousness from hitting his head, even with a helmet on, due to the fact that his skull never healed completely from the accident.

You began to feel a lump gather in your throat as Mituna did not say anything, and were about to tell your sister to call the doctor, but then you heard a soft chuckle.

Mituna's mouth turned upwards in a weak smile, "D-did I th-thcare you, honey?"

You breathed out a sigh of relief, whacking Mituna lightly on the arm, "Don't do that!"

Mituna sat up slowly, wincing in pain as he did so, " head h-hurth."

Your niece came running into the room, "Mituna, I found you!"

Mituna glanced over at the girl and his mouth fell open, "What?"

"We're playing hide-n-seek! I found you!" she exclaimed loudly.

"Oh, well I gueth I lothe," he said with a pout. "I forgot w-we were playing."

You noticed Mituna was still frowning, obviously trying his best not to show the little girl that he was in pain. You looked over at your sister and she nodding in understanding.

"Come on hon, let's go and find something to do while Mituna find his marbles," she said, sending you small grin as the two of them left the room.

You turned to Mituna and carefully pulled off his helmet. He let out a small noise of complaint and you apologized.

"Where does it hurt?" you asked gently.

He pointed to the spot he hit, and you gently raked your fingers over the spot. You did not press hard enough for it to be considered a massage, since the objective was to distract him more than anything. It had become the norm for both of you whenever he hit his head. The first couple of times you would grimace at the feel of his dandruff, but over time you began to find excuses to run your fingers through his soft dandelion-like tuft for hair.

"Better, honey?" you asked softly, your hand still on his cheek.

He nodded slowly, watching your every moment with his dual-colored eyes. You smiled at him, but your smile faded when he did not smile back like he normally did. You began to wonder if he actually managed to really damage his head again, but your thoughts stopped short when he spoke.

"Marry me?"

Your eyes widened, and so did his as he abruptly pulled away. He began grabbing at his hair frantically, gritting his teeth as a long string of incoherent curse-words flowed from his mouth.

"AH! NO THI-FU-THHHHHH!" tears began to stream from his eyes as continued grabbing fistuls of his hair.

You immediately embraced him, pulling him somewhat onto your lap (seeing as he was too tall for you to successfully do so). He looked at you through his tears, like he was afraid. No matter what you did you could not calm him down, which was a first.

"I w-wath...I wath go-ing to athk...athk y-you when I b-bought a ring!" he cried out. "B-but I don't h-have all the m-money yet!"

You grabbed his cheeks, pulling him to look at you.

"Mituna! Hush!" you said firmly. "It's okay!"


"No," you said, your throat choking up. "Tuna, do you really want to marry me?"

He wiped his nose and nodded frantically, "I jutht w-wanted to w-wait until I c-could buy a ring!"

You stared at him, "Wait, how long have you been waiting?"

He blushed, "Th-thinth you put that b-band-aid on m-my knee the f-firtht time."

You gaped at him, "Tuna, that was four years ago!"

He nodded, "I don't...I n-need money!"

You felt tears build in your eyes and you pulled him into a tight embrace, crying softly into his shoulder. He grabbed you suddenly, and tightly when he noticed you crying, and began hypervintelating.

"D-don't c-cry! P-pleathe!" he said hoarsely, shaking violently.

You pulled away and slammed your lips onto his, tears still falling from your eyes. He stiffened, and for a moment you were afraid that you had scared him, but slowly he wrapped his arms around your waist. You pulled away, holding his face in your hands, and you began placing kissing all over his face and the top of his head. You pulled away after placing on last, long kiss on his lips, and you gazed at him fondly through your tears.

"Yes," you said shakily. "I'll marry you, Tuna."

His breath hitched, and then he shook his head and frowned, "I d-don't have a-a ring!"

"Then we'll get one," you said softly. "It's okay, and the thought of you waiting four years just to save up enough Christmas money to buy me a ring is enough for me to want to marry you! We might as well be married anyway, we live together!"

He grinned, "And taken bubble bathth!"

You rolled your eyes, "That doesn't count, it's not my fault you can't scrub your own head well enough."

He pulled you into a hug, laying his head on your shoulder, "You'll m-marry me?"

You smiled, "Yes, Tuna. I'll marry you."

You felt him nuzzle your neck with a wide smile, and heard him whisper, "I l-love you."

You kissed his cheek, "I love you too."

Your sister peeked back in the kitchen and looked at you and Mituna with a worried expression, "Is it safe to enter?"

You smile and nodded, "Yes. We still have cookies to finish! Just gimme a sec, I gotta finish fawning over Tuna."

Your sister raised an eyebrow, "Why?"

You looked up with a happy expression, "We're getting married!"

Your sister's mouth fell open, "Wha- really?"

You nodded, and your sister squealed.

"Oh congratulations! We're going to have so much fun planning it!" she said excitedly.

You giggled and nuzzled Mituna as he held you tightly, still smiling widely.

"So, how are you feeling Mr. Engaged?" your sister asked, leaning down to stare at Mituna with a wide grin.

Mituna sighed happily, and you giggled at his cuteness. That is, until you heard what he had to say.

"We're gonna have tho much thweet, hot thex."
I just can't seem to end a Mituna story without an inappropriate joke...:iconcondescending-wonka:

Anyway, I hope you like this! I wasn't really sure where I was going with it, but I think it turned out alright. I kind of had this head cannon that Mituna has wicked dandruff, and static-filled hair (when he's not human), and this is what happened. *shrugs*

I think I may just have a fascination writing his lisp...:iconbunnychompsplz:
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You stared at him, "Wait, how long have you been waiting?"

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